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Virtual Software Systems provides telephone (855-411-VSSI) and/or email support for all licensed products.

The support team can be e-mailed at support @

Installation and User manuals are available in our Documentation area.


In the event of issues or erroneous output with VSSI products, VSSI provides the VSSIDIAG problem reporting EXEC. This tool can be used by customers to gather diagnostic information, reduces some of the back-and-forth between VSSI and the customer during problem determination, and allows us to more quickly resolve your reported issue. You can read about the VSSIDIAG EXEC in the VSSI Installation Manual for your running product version (Version 55 and up). After VSSIDIAG use, you can send the generated VMARC file to VSSI, as outlined in the documentation for the EXEC.

VSSIDIAG also allows the user to attach relevant files to the created archive file. We have found that the following files are extremely helpful when attempting to resolve customer issues:

. Virtual machine console logs (guest as well as CP)

. DUMP files (in the event of a guest or CP crash)

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