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Support Dump Uploads

Are you looking to upload a support file (dump)?  Then head over to our secure file transfer system here.  Access to this system is limited to licensed customers only. Licensed VSSI customers may use their normal VSSI-assigned credentials to access this system.

Dump Upload Instructions:

  1. Log into Secure File Transfer System here
  2. Double click the folder called 292. This is the dump upload folder, and its the only location you can upload to. (See Reference 1 below)
  3. Click the upload button
  4. Select the dump file from your computer
  5. Using the Add Files button add additional files to the upload basket if need be. (See Reference 2 below)
  6. Click the Upload button, and your dump file is on its way.

Reference 1

Reference 2

Special Note:

  1. All completed uploaded files are immediately transferred to a back end for processing. (This means the dump files will not be visible after uploading.)
  2. Login attempts are strictly rate limited. If you get locked out, or have forgotten your credentials, please contact Support
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