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Free Tools

Virtual Software Systems is providing the following free/public domain software here for your use. Some of the software was developed by Virtual Software Systems and some of it by other authors. All credit for the authors will be included with the software.

To get more detailed infomation on a particular tool click on its README link. To download a tool to your PC click on the VMARC link and select “save to disk”. Use your favorite method to upload the file to the mainframe in binary. The resulting VMARC file needs to be record format FIXED with a record length of 80. If it is not you can correct it with the following PIPE command:

PIPE < fn ft fm | fblock 80 00 | > fn ft fm F 80

If you do not have a copy of VMARC it can be downloaded from the IBM VM Downloads Page

TBROWSEREADMEVMARCDisplays the sense information for tape drives.
TAPSENSEREADMEVMARCDisplays the sense information for tape drives.
LXFMTREADMEVMARCCMS equivalent to the Linux DASDFMT & FDASD commands.
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