Decommissioning z/VM FTP Server

As of April 30th, 2018, VSSI is decommissioning our old FTP server (, residing on z/VM) in favor of our existing Linux FTP server setup ( This move enhances FTP Services. Our migration schedule is as follows.

Date Action
2018-02-14 deprecated; FTP banner page will indicate that users should begin using for VSSI package/update downloads, as well as for customer data uploads (e.g., dumps, problem report data).

2018-04-30 z/VM decommissioned; all requests for ftp. and will be redirected to our Linux server. Customers are advised to review any automated systems to ensure connectivity with

2018-05-02 All FTP, SFTP, and HTTPS File transfers should be directed to Any connections bound to will be redirected to

For more FTP related details check out the documentation area.

*FTP is a legacy protocol, and you need to transition towards SFTP or HTTPS!  At some point in the future regular FTP access may no longer be an option.