VSSI package 5524

VSSI product packages at Build level 5524 are now available. This release has significantly improved RAS (Reliability, Availability, and Serviceability). We have squashed bugs too numerous to mention here, but most of them centered around LOGOFF/FORCE and database close, as well as a raft of VTAPE updates. Customer have reported significantly improved reliability with the latests builds! That’s a direction that we like (and we’re sure you do too).

The updates have been “baked in” to the following packages on the VSSI FTP server (ftp.vsoftsys.com):
* zvmvrm.vpvt5522|vt5522|vd5522 (on the FTP site /191 disk)
* vpvt5522|vt5522|vd5522.ptfcum (on the FTP site /193 disk)
* vstools.vmarc (on the FTP site /193 disk)

You can upgrade to the newest build entirely via PTFCUM application, as follows:
* Download vpvt5522.ptfcum to your A-disk(it’s pretty hefty, but is’s the last time you’ll need it)
* Download vpvt5524.ptfcum to your A-disk (currently tiny)
* Download the latest vstools.vmarc to your A-disk
* On z/VM, issue:
* vsptfcum 5522 (noasm) (must be done first)
* vsptfcum 5524 (noasm) (when 5522 is done)
* vssetup|vssiprep|vsasmall|vsbldnuc|vscopy (normal build sequence)

That’s it – you’ll be at Build 5524.