New FTP Infrastructure

New FTP infrastructure! On March 1st 2017 we are migrating our existing “FTP2” system with a new more feature rich FTP Solution. We will continue to offer FTP & SFTP access methods, and will be introducing an HTTPS access method. This will provide one legacy access method as well as 2 state of the art secure access methods. We strongly suggest that all customers move over to SFTP for maximum connection security. In the coming months we will be phasing out our z/VM based FTP solution, and all clients will be required to use our new FTP infrastructure.

Important Dates:
* Mar 1st – FTP2 replacement (FTP2.VSOFTSYS.COM/
* TBD – FTP z/VM closed down permanently (FTP.VSOFTSYS.COM /
* TBD – All FTP DNS names will resolve to the new FTP infrastructure. (FTP.VSOFTSYS.COM, FTP0.VSOFTSYS.COM, & FTP2.VSOFTSYS.COM →