VSSI introduces VSPTFCUM

Cumulative PTF maintenance just got a little easier. VSSI has introduced the VSPTFCUM exec in the latest VSTOOLS package (Build Number 322, date 2014-05-03). If you don’t have the latest VSTOOLS, download vstools.vmarc from the VSSI FTP site (your_userid.193) and install it on your VSSI Install disk (via the vsfmtarc exec and the vmarc unpack command).

The following example illustrates use of VSPTFCUM:

. Download the relevant PTFCUM packages for your installed system (e.g., at VSSI Build Level 55nn via the vsquery vslevel command) from the VSSI FTP site (your_userid.193) to your A-disk:

. bin

. lcd A

. get vpvt55nn.ptfcum (VPARS/VTAPE customers)

. get vt55nn.ptfcum (VTAPE-only customers)

. get vd55nn.ptfcum (ShadowDisk/Z customers)

. quit

. Install the PTFCUM(s):

. vsptfcum 55nn

That’s pretty much it – assuming that all PTFs were applied without errors, and after system rebuild and reboot, the vsquery vslevel command will show the updated Build Level. One-click upgrades from now on!

The VSPTFCUM exec is now documented in the VSSI Product Install Guide.