VSSI Package 5518

VSSI packages 5518 (aka the “Happy Monster”) are now available on the VSSI FTP site. We’re very happy to get these puppies out the door. Why, might you ask? Well…

. A torturous FORCE-LOGOFF bug was fixed, this time in Loosely-Coupled (LCP) configurations.

. Several CP LOCK management issues were resolved. The lock management interface (via VSLCK macros) has been standardized in all products. This gives us the ability to validate and report on LOCK processing and possible errors (e.g., freeing a lock which was already free – which we didn’t have before).

. Approximately 60 PTFs (for various and sundry issues great and small) are incorporated into this release.

The 5518 series incorporate all updates up to 550123 (inclusive). Users are urged to upgrade as soon as feasible.