VSSI Package 5516

We have just concluded a long (several months!) and torturous bug-hunt for several FORCE-LOGOFF issues that have been of long standing in VPARS (and hence ShadowDisk/Z also). We are happy to report that this issue has finally been hunted down (thanks to many cans of RAID and hard work/assistance from the excellent folks over at HP, who first reported this issue). In fact, most of the PTFs applied against Build 5514 pertained to this very issue; PTFs 550087 and 550088 were the final bug-killers. The new 5516 packages incorporate these updates, and also address:

. PRG001 ABENDs if using HLASM V6 on a Z9-class processor

(only affects z/VM 5.4 targets; newer z/VM releases only run on z10 and above)

. TPF IPL text truncation (on the VPARS database) when migrating from 4.1 to z/TPF

(we got an earful from this one)

. VSSI CP initialization and trace message expansion from 60 to 72 bytes (sorely needed)

We recommend that all customers upgrade to Build 5516 as soon as feasible.