VSSI now supports cumulative PTF

We have been rapidly making updates to our products. This activity on our part has resulted in customers having to frequently download large numbers of PTFs in order to keep the product(s) up-to-date. But there is a better way!

VSSI now supports cumulative PTF (PTFCUM) packages on the VSSI FTP site. PTFCUM packages contain all PTFs for a given build (e.g., VPVT5514 PTFCUM contains all PTFs for VPARS/VTAPE Build 5514). The PTFCUM packages can be found in the same place as the regular PTF files (i.e., on your_userid.193). Each time that VSSI Support posts a new PTF to the FTP site, the PTFCUM package is automatically refreshed with the latest and greatest PTF VMARC files. An update session with a PTFCUM file is as simple as follows:

. Download VPVT5514 PTFCUM to your A-disk.

. vsfmtarc vpvt5514 ptfcum a

. vmarc unpk vpvt5514 ptfcum a = = a (repl

. vsptf (with no parameters; all accessed PTF VMARC files are evaluated for APPLY)

Beats the heck out of individual PTF application, eh?

Ever been in the situation where you downloaded and attempted to apply a PTF, but the APPLY failed due to missing PREREQ/COREQ PTFs? So you download the PREREQ, which needs yet more PREREQs, and so on… but you know how this story ends. VSSI now supplies a PREREQ checker exec, VSPTFREQ (on the latest VSTOOLS). You can use it as follows:

. Download the PTF of interest

. vsptfreq nnn (where nnn is the PTF ID (1-999)).

The EXEC will generate a report telling you which PTFs you are missing. You can then grab all missing PTFs in one shot and apply them.