VSTOOLS Build 253

And now from the “Kibbles & Bits” files:

The VSSI PTF update execs (VSPTF and friends) were getting a little “long in the tooth”.

Here are the changes that we made as of VSTOOLS build 253 (June 19, 2013):

. VSPTF now works with VMARC files only. If you download a VSSI PTF and expand it to

one of your accessed disks, the expanded UPDATE file is ignored; only the VMARC file is used.

. VSPTF can now be passed multiple PTF IDs for apply. For each ID, you can specify:

. a numeric ID value (e.g., 58)

. a numeric ID range (e.g., 58-60)

. a specific ID (e.g., VS550058)

If no IDs are specified on the VSPTF command line, all VMARC files on all accessed disks

are evaluated for APPLY.

By way of example, the following VSPTF invocation:

. vsptf 55 58 60-62 VS550065

is now perfectly legal.

. VSPTF VMARC validation and dependency checking now takes place before any update elements

are copied to the VSSI Install disk. This approach should reduce any garbage placed on the

Install disk which could potentially screw up subsequent applies.

. The older (and now deprecated) VSPTF exec has been renamed to VSPTF0, and can be used

in the event of any hiccups with the new-version VSPTF exec (hopefully, no hiccups).

The VSPTF0 exec will be removed “a few builds down the road”.

. The old (VSPTF0) and new (VSPTF) execs have been documented in the VSSI Product Installation Guide.