VSSI Package 5512

Several issues have been detected in the latest 5512 packages. These issues include:

. VSPKG exec errors involving a REXX variable named blksusd

. VSINSTAL errors if the install disk resides on an SFS filesystem

. Missing/unresolved VSSI references at IPL time (i.e., HCPZXA2773I messages)

Several VSSI build EXECs have been updated to address these errors; the updated EXECs reside in

the latest VSTOOLS VMARC package on the VSSI FTP site.

All users who downloaded any 5512 package prior to April 28, 2013 should do as follows:

Download the latest VSTOOLS VMARC package from the VSSI FTP site

(ftp.vsoftsys.com, your VSSI userid and password, your_userid.193, BINARY mode).

Move the VSTOOLS VMARC package to your A-disk.

Reformat the package so it can be properly read by VMARC:


If you have not yet installed the 5512 package, or wish to reinstall the package:

. vmarc unpk vstools vmarc a vspkg exec a (repl

. vspkg ZVMvrm [VPVT|VT|VD]5512 *

VSPKG will install the VSTOOLS VMARC on your A-disk as part of the install process.

This action will effectively update all EXECs on the target install disk.

If you are not re-installing a package, simply expand VSTOOLS VMARC to your VSSI Install disk:

. vmarc unpk vstools vmarc a = = install-disk-filemode (repl

Rebuild the system as follows:

. vssetup

. vssiprep

. vscopy nuc CF1 (force (for z/VM < 6.2)

. vscopy nuc CF1 CF0 (force (for z/VM >= 6.2)

. Reboot and test your system.

The above steps will rebuild the VSSI TXTLIB and copy the updated TXTLIB to the CP PARM disk.