Users who download and installed the 5510 packages should download the latest VSTOOLS VMARC from
the VSSI FTP site and expand this to their VSSI Install disk. The updated VSTOOLS fixes an issue where
the CPNUC was not copied via VSCOPY unless the (FORCE option was also specified; i.e.:
. vscopy nuc cf1 (sometimes fails to copy the generated CPNUC)
. vscopy nuc cf1 (force (re-generates, re-copies everything OK)
Installation of the latest VSTOOLS package fixes the issue; if the FORCE option is not specified,
VSCOPY will now correctly determine iof it needs to be copied or not.

The following VSSI UPDATEs address several remaining co-existence issues betwen VPARS and ShadowDisk/Z (a.k.a. VDISK):
. VD5CNTRL contains an HCPENTRY for RVPIORCT which conflicts with the
same-named entry in VP5CNTRL (VPARS).
. VDEV contains no VDISK flags.
. HCP modifications do not include CPEXIT calls
to VDISK routines.
PTFs VS550043, VP550043, VD550043, and VP550044 address the above issues.
These updates are required PREREQs for ALL future product updates against VSSI
packages 5510 and above. These updates make significant changes to all VSSI HCP
hooks; the above PTFs must be applied concurrently, as follows:
1. Download the following VMARC files from the VSSI FTP site
(URL ftp.vsoftsys.com, your VSSI-supplied userid and password, your 193 disk, BINary mode).
. VSTOOLS (all users)
. VS550043 (all users)
. VD550043 (all users)
. VP550043 (VPARS users)
. VP550044 (VPARS users)
2. Backup your VSSI Install disk prior to attempting to apply these updates.
3. vmarc unpk vstools vmarc * = = G (assuming G is the filemode of the VSSI Install disk)
4. vsptf vs550043 (apply this PTF)
5. vsptf vd550043 (apply this PTF)
6. vsptf vp550043 (apply this PTF if VPARS user)
7. erase vssiasm log g (e.g., VSSI Install disk filemode G)
8. vsuasm (assemble all VSSI HCP hooks)
9. Check the contents of VSSIASM LOG to ensure that all assemblies completed without error (rc = 0).
If any errors occurred:
. Run VSCPSRC against all failed HCP modules (e.g., vscpsrc hcpdtd)
. FTP all generated HCPSRC files (e.g., hcpdtd hcpsrc *) to VSSI
(URL ftp.vsoftsys.com, user VSSIDUMP, password VSS$DUMP, BINary mode)
. Restore your Install disk
10. If all assemblies are OK:
. vsptf vp550044 (VPARS users)
. vsasmall (compile all modules)
. vsbldnuc (build the CP NUC)
. vscopy nuc cf1 (force (if z/VM < 6.2)
. vscopy nuc cf1 cf0 (force (if z/VM >= 6.2)