ShadowDisk/Z product

The ShadowDisk/Z product has been committed to the VSSI FTP site today. This product offers the same benefits to z/Linux developers as VPARS does for TPF developers – namely, the ability for multiple users to test application code over a base z/Linux filesystem, without altering the base copy. ShadowDisk/Z package 5512 (a.k.a. VDISK) is now available on the VSSI FTP site. Customers who wish to trial this product should contact VSSI for updated product keys.

To this end, the VSSI product installation process for all VSSI packages has been revamped and enhanced, as follows:

The VSPKG exec (new with packages >= 5512) prompts the user for installation-specific parameters. Once this information has been gathered, a response file (VSPKG RESPFILE) is built on your A-disk. The response file is used to drive the actual installation. After successful installation, the response file is written to the VSSI Install disk. This approach eliminates manual configuration file editing, allows for an easier and more automated install, and preserves the responses for the next package install (i.e., from 5512 to 5514).

VSSI packages can be installed cumulatively. For example, an existing VPARS or VTAPE customer can install the ShadowDisk/Z product on top of an existing install; VSPKG merges the relevant configuration files during the install process. The result is that new products can be added without the need for a separate Install disk hierarchy, and without disrupting the existing VSSI product code base. In order to use the new product, the customer will need to obtain an updated license key from VSSI; all currently-installed products continue to work with the current product key.

VSSI products can be installed to multiple VSSI Install disks. Each Install disk represents a complete build environment, and can be maintained separately if needed. Again, the intent is to allow users to test VSSI products and modifications without disruption to current user activity.

Product contents can be moved (not merged) from one Install disk to another.

A new exec, VSLIC, can be used to copy VSSI license files to the correct VSSI PARM disk. If the disk is CPACCESSed, VSLIC will issue the appropriate CPRELease and CPACCess commands before and after the license file copy.

The VSSI Product Installation Guide has been updated to reflect the above. Currently, we will make available the Installation Guide in two versions:

. The updated Install Guide for package builds at 5512 and higher;

. The older Install Guide for package builds at 5510 and lower.

The older Installation Guide has been marked as deprecated, and will be removed “a few builds down the road”.