VSTOOLS.VMARC package level 184

VSTOOLS.VMARC package level 184 contains several errors which cause the application of the latest VSSI PTFs (550037 thru 550041) to fail. Please do as follows when applying these PTFs:

  • Download the latest VSTOOLS VMARC (build 186 or higher as reported by VSQTOOLS)
    from the VSSI FTP site.
  • Expand this VMARC file to your VSSI Install disk.
  • Download the indicated PTFs.
  • Apply the PTFs in question one-at-a-time, and in the following order, as follows:
  1. vssetup
  2. vsiprep
  3. vsptf vp550037
  4. vsptf vp550038
  5. vsptf vs550039
  6. vsptf vs550040
  7. vsptf vs550041
  8. vsptf vp550040
  9. vssiprep
  10. vsptf vp550041
  11. vsptf vt550041