Tool Modification

Several customers have requested that the VSCOPY and VSBLDCFG tools be modified to selectively copy only changed files to their target CP PARM disks (i.e., don’t just blindly copy everything).
The new utilities have therefore been modified to perform this function. As PTFs are downloaded and applied,
the PTF flags are used to build a simple date database (VSSI UDB) on the VSSI Install disk. The VSCOPY and VSBLDCFG execs
read the date fields contained in this database to determine whether the CP NUC and VSSI TXTLIB files require copying or not.
Additionally, all CONFIG files generated on the VSSI Install disk are compared to their counterparts on the CP PARM disk
to see whether copying is required or not. This enhancement should reduce the number of files to check when
your CP PARM disk is updated by VSSI build EXECs.
If the VSCOPY or VSBLDCFG execs are specified with the (FORCE option, the EXECs revert to the old
behavior; all generated files are copied to the CP PARM disk regardless of PTF status.