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VSSI documentation and source code updates (PTFs) are online on the Product Support page.

VPARS, ShadowDisk/Z, and VTAPE download and install instructions can be found via the Product Download Instructions page. Instructions for product PTF updates can be found on the PTF Installation page.

2014-05-03 Cumulative PTF maintenance just got a little easier; read all about it here.

2014-04-04 VPARS, ShadowDisk/Z, and VTAPE packages for Build 5518 (aka the Happy Monster release) are available, and incorporate all PTFs thru 550123. Read all about it here.

2013-08-16 The pace of product change has been pretty rapid as of late. Tired of downloading and installing large numbers of PTFs, one at a time? Tired of PREREQ/COREQ hassle? VSSI now supports cumulative PTF (PTFCUM) packages which contain all PTF updates for a given product build. Read all about it here.


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